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The big leak

Once upon a time, and maybe soon again, I worked in landscaping, maintenance and also designing and installation. Very fun! Part of the maintenance of a garden involves all kinds of things...picking weeds, shaping shrubs, moving the lawn, edging the lawn, designing and planting planter boxes, planting new flower beds, and new herb gardens and vegetable gardens. Very rewarding all around. Then we also have the aspects of fixing stuff, replace planters, borders and make sure the irrigation valves and pipes are working properly. Then theres sometimes the big leak occurring where water is spraying wildly all over the place...that is not a good scenario.
So at that point we must fist do the logical, yes, turn off the water. then start digging to locate the problem, is it the pipes that broke, or is it one of the small valves, or even the large valve. One get to be a detective of sorts.

Then when you know what the issue is, we get to go to the hardware store, I always liked that. Pick out the parts we need, don't forget anything - of course we always do and I think its safe to say we can count on at least two or even three trips to the store, and grabbing a coffee on the way is a given thing to do of course....and maybe a pastry too! Then back to digging and cutting off the broken parts or replacing the valve if that was the problem. then checking it out again when the water is turned on. Never close the dug up hole until you done that, if so there will be more digging in your future, just saying. Fixing that bog leak is always nice when it is done, so that all plants can get the right amount of water and grow the way they need to...