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The big leak

Once upon a time, and maybe soon again, I worked in landscaping, maintenance and also designing and installation. Very fun! Part of the maintenance of a garden involves all kinds of things...picking weeds, shaping shrubs, moving the lawn, edging the lawn, designing and planting planter boxes, planting new flower beds, and new herb gardens and vegetable gardens. Very rewarding all around. Then we also have the aspects of fixing stuff, replace planters, borders and make sure the irrigation valves and pipes are working properly. Then theres sometimes the big leak occurring where water is spraying wildly all over the place...that ...

Nummer ett

Den absolut bästa filmen som jag någonsin har sett är utan tvekan "Nyckeln till frihet". Filmen handlar om en man som oskyldigt hamnar i fängelse och börjar sitt nya liv där inne. Filmen har allt. Spänning, romantik, action, tårar och alla andra ingredienser som behövs för att nå en publik. Jag tror att jag sett samma film ett tiotals gånger och det är även den som får mig själv att ta mig i kragen när jag har en dålig dag. En annan film som kommer strax därefter är den tecknade filmen "Lejonkungen" som jag har på VHS. Sliten, ful och ...

My best golf experience

We went to Brittany with the company on a conference last week. And after the conference we played som golf in Brittany and I have to say that it was the best golfing experience I've had in my life. I play a lot of golf at home and nothing have been as fun and great as this. It was beautiful courses with good friends and it was very fun. So I really want to go back there in the future, I think that would be great!

My hair salon

I sit and look at some different digital signage in order to decide which size I should have at work, showing what our product range in the products we have for sale and also create some nice atmosphere for the customers who sits and is waiting for their turn. I own a hair salon and it's time to brighten it up a bit so that we can attract more customers who want to come and cut their hair by me and my hairdresser. So now the the entire hair salon looks completely different from what it did last year. And ...